Hi, My name is Caleb Ely. I am currently the Team Lead of the Oracle Applications group at the State of Indiana. In addition to managing the State's Oracle Middleware environment, I also help State agencies build business processes, security models, metadata models and documentation for their content management sites that we host.

My core interests are in application usability, design and development. I love to leverage my knowledge of design principles to maximize usability and aesthetic of user interfaces. My application of choice for UX/UI design is Figma. I write my own code and am fluent in the front-end languages of the web(HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript) as well experience with various back-end and NoSQL database technologies. I write clean and efficient code optimized for performance.

Outside of work, I have many interests. Current I am working on building multiple websites as personal projects. I like to build things with wood too. I enjoy listening to podcasts, spending time with my 3 girls and going to Indiana Pacers games.

If you would like to talk about a job opportunity, you can contact me at: [email protected]

You can download my resume at: Download Resume