Cast Enthusiast

Cast Enthusiast is a cloud-synced app for podcast enthusiasts to follow, track and listen to podcasts across multiple platforms. It is a personal project. The website and app are still under development. You can vist the site at the following link:


Mobile Android/iOS App

The castenthusiast mobile app is being built in Nativescript, a hybrid mobile development Javascript framework (Typescript + Angular) for creating native apps for both Apple and Android platforms with a single codebase. The app leverages the iTunes api's will store user data in Google Firebase, a real-time cloud-based NoSQL database.

Web App

The web app leverages the same api's and database as the mobile app.

Podcast Page
Web Player

Working Mobile App Prototype

You can click through the links and screens in the prototype below. Clicking in the middle of the layout will show where the hot spots are to click of you cannot find them.